Biography for Dr Tetyana Byford

Tetyana has been practicing as a MD in Ukraine for number of years including 20 years of practicing Natural Medicine. For the last ten years she works in the Clinical Governance and Effectiveness Departments in the Community and Acute Healthcare organisations in London. Complementary Therapy and People Medicine were always subjects of her special interests. Tetyana studied reflexology of human body, homeopathy, non-contact diagnostics and healing, herbalism and iridodiagnostics. She used those knowledge helping her patients to fight their poor health.

Dr Tetyana Byford, (MB, BA (hons), ChB, MD (SU, Ukr), PhD, Hyp Cert, GHRP) is an author of many publications, Researcher and experienced University Lecturer. Dr T Byford graduated in medicine from the Chernovtsy State Medical University in Western Ukraine with the Diploma in General Medicine. After this she trained in Respiratory medicine and Tuberculosis, and completed her specialist training in 1986 when she was appointed at the Consultant level.

This hard work resulted in over 40 publications in scientific journals and two patented inventions which show a close knowledge of the subjects concerned. In 2001 Dr T Byford published her Manual for medical students and doctors, dealing with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of respiratory disorders.For the last few years Tetyana has been working in the NHS in London, the UK managing a range functions related to the high quality and safety of health services.

After studying powerful Clinical Hypnotherapy, Hypnoanalysis and Past Life Regression techniques at The Elestial Training in Cardiff in 2006, Tetyana has been accredited as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She was awarded the Clinical Hypnotherapy Certificate and holds a membership in General Hypnotherapy Standards Council UK, and is a Registered Hypnotherapist at the General Hypnotherapy Register. In 2007 Tetyana obtained registration with CNHC and is a registered Complementary Therapy Practitioner. She also certified for the body massage as an additional technique for her hypnotherapy, in 2014

Through her nearly 30 years experience in traditional medicine abroad and in the UK, Dr T Byford has become an expert in using her knowledge in Traditional Medicine, Clinical Management and Complementary Healing. Experienced clinician, Tetyana offers Clinical hypnosis, Body massage, NLP with root cause analysis and life regressions for her clients with brilliant outcomes for them.

These days Tetyana is running her successful private practice in South-East London helping people to fight health inequalities and reach individual goals. Just to add to this that Tetyana is an empathetic professional. Deeply passionate about her work, her capacity for helping people self-discover is wholly partnered with her competence in the clinical knowledge. She has helped numbers of adults and teens successfully overcome addictions, improve confidence, fight anxiety and phobias, perform and communicate better, and many more. Tetyana says: 'No matter what I am working with a client on: stop smoking help, overcoming addictions or improving their performance, my main focus is always to help people to increase their joy and passion for present life'.

Tetyana is studying the Art Therapy now to add value to her services.

Languages spoken: English, Russian, Ukrainian.