What is Hypnotherapy?


It is a form of complementary therapy which uses hypnosis for medical purposes. Hypnotherapy has genuine effect on the functioning of the mind, as well as the body. Using hypnotherapy is enabling to heal themselves with the assistance of hypnotherapy from a well qualified medical hypnotherapist.

During hypnotherapy session the body and conscious mind became deeply relaxed in a state of slight trance but still awake and safe, and a person is capable to control the situation. The conscious mind is in a quiet state while the subconscious mind is more aware and is able to focus on images and memories. At this stage a hypnotherapist re-programs subconscious mind giving appropriate positive suggestions.

Most of people can see dramatic positive result after first session, for others it takes longer. Hypnotherapy frequently used with the purpose to change behaviour. It is a powerful tool for dysfunctional habits, anxiety, stress-related illness, pain and addictions control, weight management and personal development, making people more emotionally stable.

Past life regression

Clinical hypnotherapy uses clinical knowledge of human mind to disclose the hidden grounds of the habit or medical condition. It is well known that people often have issues that are affecting their life today, which could be associated with a past life.


It is used for analysing, discovering and treating the original cause of the emotional problem, anxiety or depression. Hypno-analysis allows finding the feelings from the past or childhood which are often forgotten and which are causing inconvenience in present life.

Hypnotic resistance

It is in nature a resistance to change. There are only three types of people that cannot be hypnotised:


Hypnosis is not suitable for individuals suffering from dementia, very young children, and active alcohol or drug addicts and “educationally challenged” individuals. The main reason in all cases is the inability to interact with the person and build up effective rapport. I normally work with people of all ages but not younger then 12yo.

Physical illnesses

Hypnotherapy is always a collaboration of hypnotherapist and the client. Some medical conditions must be referral and continued by the GP.