Fees & Appointments

Making an appointment

Please contact me to make an appointment (Contact). Your first session is always face-to-face. Following sessions could also be arranged over Skype, if you prefer to.


Initial assessment will be done at our first session. I will allow 15 min for it. I will ask you some questions about the problem. This assessment is free of charge.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Numbers of sessions depends on your individual case. As a guide, a complete result can be achieved within 1-5 sessions. Each session is for one hour. Stop smoking and Weight management would need longer session.


First and follow up Hypnotherapy sessions are £70.

Full time study, people on benefits and seniors pay £60.

Hypnotherapy Program for Stop smoking and Weight management are one and a half hours and cost £120. Those programme can be done in one go or in two separate sessions and must be paid at the beginning of the programme. Following support is over the telephone or Skype for 15-20 min once a month for 6 months, and is included into the programme. It is your responsibility to complete.

Massage fees

Regular prices:

Missed Sessions

You can change day/time of your appointment. I will ask you to notify me in 48 hours before your appointment. You will be expected to pay £20 for missed sessions, except for those agreed.

Home and Office visits

I make home visits for individual sessions or small groups of 2-3 people, if friends are willing to get sessions together and pay less. These sessions will teach you how to release stress practically and cost £120.

I offer stress-release group sessions at work. They could be organised out of office hours for the group of 2-3 people. Cost of one hour session is £120 from the group.


I run one hour relaxation/ stress release/ self-confidence teaching sessions Workshops on Sundays, £50 per person or £100 from the group of 2-3:

Other dates and time for the groups are available in the evenings, at 07:00pm. Please text or telephone to book this session in advance.

Relaxation / Power / Affirmation Cards

Affirmation card is £6.00, including postage. You can get it as a Gift after three relaxation workshops, please ask.

Aromatherapy (Petite) Cushions

Petite cushions could be collected from the office. The cost of one cushion is £12. You can also get it as Gift after five hypnotherapy session, please ask.


I offer:

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