Self hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is the kind of trance-like state in which no assistance of the hypnotherapist needed. Every person normally has experienced such state many times a day without realising it. For example, if you are watching television program, you sometimes not heard when somebody called you. The main difference between these sorts of situations and self-hypnosis is that you have specific goal and you are making positive suggestions towards it.

How to contact your subconscious mind by self-hypnosis

I can teach you the necessary relaxation techniques and visualization skills. You have to spell out your goal and instruct your subconscious mind to achieve that goal. Suggestions must have three main characteristics: be positive, empowering and permissive.

You will be able to use self-hypnosis to make specific changes in areas of life related to: Achieving goals, Better sleeping, Gaining success, Public talks, Self-confidence, Smoking, Stress, etc.

Self-hypnosis is very effective when you do it right. The ideal place for self-hypnosis will be somewhere that is safe, comfortable and free from noise disturbance or interruptions.

Please ask me and I will be happy to guide you with your first steps. We will start from one Hypnotic session learning how to relax your body and mind quickly and effectively and than you can continue on your own. You might find helpful my Power Cards which work perfectly well for post-hypnotic therapy and are the important part of self-hypnosis.