Hypnotherapy for stress:

Stress is a total response of the mind and physical body to environmental demands or pressures. It could result from good or bad experience, including pressure at work. It can be beneficial in motivating to reach the goals or it can prevent us from living life in the way that we want. So stress can become a problem. It can cause medical conditions which are difficult to cure.

Some of symptoms of stress: tiredness, headaches, crying for no particular reason, inability to concentrate or think clearly, psychological disorders, feeling hungry all the times and gaining weight.

Clinical Hypnotherapy helps to cope with stress by resolving the issues behind it and enabling to gain control of situations. You will often need one session for it. Also, you come to one of my workshops to learn how to release stress at work or in private life quickly and effectively (book workshop).

I can teach you how to relax physical body and mind when the situation is too stressful and how to prevent negative emotional reactions in the future.