Here's what just a few people have said about working with Dr Byford.

Michael A, retired from the Army Force

Dr Byford is compassionate professional and competent clinician. Deeply understanding the problem, she helped me to learn more about myself and achieve my goal very quickly. I was a smoker for 40 years and I used to smoke 50 some days. I honestly can't believe how easy I found it to become a Non Smoker with Dr Byford help. I should have found such a healer years ago! I now am completely free from cigarettes. My health and passion to life have been grately improved.

Angela C, College Head Teacher, London - New-York

Tetyana, thank you very much for all your help. My eight years' fear of not be able to travel in the underground has gone completely following two hypnotherapy sessions. I can use the underground trains again and this change in my habit makes great improvement to my life. I save so much time on travelling and feel much more confident about myself. I feel very positive about myself now.

Shaun D, Receptionist, London

I am very satisfied with the results of my hypnosis sessions. Tetyana is a very good therapist. She quickly penetrated into my problem and for a relatively short time I was able to make significant progress through the course of therapy, I went with Tetyana. Already after the first session I noticed positive improvement. Dr Byford is able to establish good contact with the patient, and thus I was able to fully trust Tetyana. It had a positive impact on the results of our sessions.

Mark K, IT professional, London

I had extremely low my self-esteem. It created a big obstacle for my career development, despite all my trainings and high education. I had a few sessions with Dr Byford and what a dramatic change! I succided at my first interview following Tetyana's sessions and have got a very well paid job. My success is astonishing and I am not stopping with my career development anymore. Thank you, Tetyana. I will recommend you as a hypnotherapist to others.

Das O, self-employed, London

Dr Byford is a competent expert in a clinical hypnotherapy. She understood the core of my problem very quickly and I managed to achieve significant improvements for relatively short period of time, thanks to the course of therapy I had with Dr Byford. After the first session I started to feel better. Dr Byford can find a right approach to her patients. During our session I could trust Dr Byford completely which was very beneficial for the results of my therapy. Tetyana carefully monitors therapy dynamic. Before having my very first session with Dr. Byford I was nervous as I never experienced hypnotherapy before. I am very happy that I started my course with Tetyana as it is not easy to find a real expert in this field.

Maryna S, Senior Manager, Kiev

A few years ago I had suddenly got the problem as a severe panic attacks. I started becoming breathless for no reason at any time and any place. It scared me very much and affected my normal life. After three Dr Byford sessions I have to say that it’s gone completely. I do not know how she does it but it works for me. During sessions he calmed me down giving positive suggestions at the same time, and I was awaiking full of energy and happiness. I learn more about my physical body and mind during Dr Byford's sessions and how to cope with everyday tasks. Dr Byford is a wonderful specialist and I would recommend her to anybody who wants to improve their quality of life.

Adeline C, Researcher, London

I had a public speaking and socialising problems. I was too scared to say anything to anyone in case I lost myself. From the beginning of Dr Byford hypnotherapy, every day has gotten better and better. It was like a miracle. I started love doing things and talking to people. Each night I go to sleep looking forward to waking up the next day and getting on with life. I now enjoy everything I use to and even more. I feel better than I have felt in many years. Tetyana has helped me let go of the past, negative thoughts and negative experiences I have had. With each session, Dr Byford gives me more tools to use to be strong and stay positive throughout all the good and bad experiences I may come across now and in the future. It is continuing improvement.

Maria P, Web Developer, London

Dr Byford is a good expert in complementary therapy with great attention applies to every session. She carefully monitors the dynamics of therapy. Before meeting with Tetyana, I've never been at a reception at hypnotherapist or a psychologist and I am very glad that I managed to find a real professional in this field. Tetyana not only helps to cope with the problems but also motivate patients to continue working on them. I am very thankful with the results and will come to see her again should I need to.