Workshops for Stress release, Self-relaxation and Self-hypnosis in small groups of 2-3 people.

Are you feeling stressed personally and at work? Let me teach you how you can overcome the negative pressure. Come to my educational class for the mind and body healing! Learn effective relaxation and visualisations that you can use every day to change your life for better.

During the one hour workshop you will learn how to get into self-hypnotic state relaxing your body and mind and letting your anger, stress or anxiety to come down. At the end of this session you will be able to control your emotions much easier and effectively then before. After two or three sessions people become more creative, flexible and courageous in achieving their goals.

When and Where

I normally run workshops on Sundays' mornings. You can choose the language from the list below:

For your booking please submit your request for the preferable date (Contact).

I don’t mind to come to your work place should you think it would be better. We can negotiate another day/ time for my visit.

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Please notice:
there will be workshops in Hartlepool in 2016